Eye Care Advice

Yo! My name is Andy and this is my eye care blog. Your eyes are so important but it can be easy to take them for granted. I know that I didn't think twice about my eyes until I started to have problems with my vision. I kept getting headaches and I had trouble focusing on things. I went to see my doctor who referred me to an optometrist. The eye specialist did some tests and asked me some questions. He then said that my regular use of screens was straining my eyes. Since following the advice given to me, my eyes have been much healthier.

Answering Some Common Questions About Eye Health


Many individuals give little thought as to the health of their eyes, only seeing an optometrist or other healthcare professional when they start to have problems with their vision or notice that their eyes sting, are overly dry or otherwise seem irritated. However, caring for your eye health and seeing an optometrist regularly can mean preserving your vision as you age, and can also mean spotting problems or eye conditions as they develop, allowing you to have those conditions treated and, in turn, reducing your risk of vision loss. While only your healthcare professional can answer questions about your eyes in particular, note some general questions you might have about taking care of your eyes, and about common eye diseases as well.

What is the connection between diabetes and eye health?

After an eye exam, your doctor may recommend you be tested for diabetes; if you have diabetes, your doctor may recommend more frequent eye exams. This is because an optometrist can see very tiny blood vessels in the back of the eyes during an exam, and if those blood vessels are leaking, this is a symptom of diabetes. On the other hand, diabetes can affect your blood circulation, and eyes need healthy blood circulation to function and to repair their own tissues and cells. Whether you've been recommended to get tested for diabetes or to have your eyes examined because of having diabetes, be sure you follow those recommendations carefully, to preserve both your eye health and your overall health as well.

Is pressure in or around the eyes caused by glaucoma?

Glaucoma is characterised by a build-up of pressure around the eye's optic nerve, so this pressure can be a symptom of this condition. However, if you do feel any type of pressure around the eyes, temples and other such areas of the head and face, don't panic; this pressure could also be caused by a sinus infection or even a tension headache. Don't put off seeing an optometrist if you notice this pressure, but don't assume that glaucoma is the only condition that causes it.

Will glasses fix blurry vision?

Only your doctor can tell you the best treatment for blurry vision; in some cases, you may only need corrective lenses to see clearly. In other cases, however, this condition could indicate poor eye health, including macular degeneration or a detached retina. Schedule an appointment with an optometrist if you've noticed your vision getting blurry, and he or she will thoroughly examine your eyes and determine what you need by way of glasses or medical intervention.


20 February 2018